Pissed off

13 03 2006

I’m pissed off at Microsoft for patenting a dumb filesystem like FAT. The only plausible purpose this patent might have is going after Linux and other Open Source projects which implemented FAT drivers. We’ll see if Scoble has anything to say about this.

I’m even more pissed off at the USPTO for upholding this dumb patent. We’ll we ever recognize that software patents suck?

I’m also starting to get really pissed off at Google for practically throwing this website off their index and not giving me a hint of a reason.

Luckily, we had a great skiing weekend, and this somehow mitigates my pissed-offness today.

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One response

13 03 2006
Agylen » More pissed off

[…] Maybe I should add a new category to this weblog: rants. Yesterday I was pissed off at Microsoft, the USPTO and Google. Today, it’s the small guys’ turn, namely Kevin Burton and his Tailrank. […]

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