Megite is cool

14 03 2006

megite.jpgI hadn’t noticed it before, but Megite has a brand new look&feel and actually looks and feels much better than before. I just saw it because Matthew Chen invited me to send him my OPML file. You can see the results of it here. I still don’t understand the algorithm behind the selection of news items, but it sure gives me a nice dose of serendipity, i.e. I’m actually able to find interesting items from sources I wasn’t aware of. I am thinking of putting a Megite widget on the sidebar here, after having removed the Memeorandum one because it was having problems and slowing down the loading of these pages.

For those who don’t know better, Megite is another one of the so-called memetrackers, like Memeorandum, Newsvine, and Tailrank. With the last one, Megite shares the personalization aspect, which I find quite useful.

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