Paul Graham has a new blog … NOT!

14 03 2006

Paul Graham has a new blog. Too bad it doesn’t have an RSS feed. Is it still a blog if you cannot read it in your aggregator? Regardless, if I can’t aggregate it, I simply won’t read it, which is a pity.

(Via Rob Sanheim.)




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14 03 2006

From infogami development blog:

“Per popular request, blogs now have web feeds so that you can subscribe to them in a news aggregator. The feed is at

15 03 2006
Charles Miller

You don’t actually need to subscribe directly to Paul Graham. Based on previous performance, whenever he says something substantial it’ll be linked to from everywhere else anyway.

15 03 2006
Rob Sanheim

As Paolo said, the feed is here:

Or you can just wait for the inevitable digg/slashdotting :).

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