MacBook Pro is coming

15 03 2006

mb_step1_hero_060110.jpgI should have done it before, really, but wasn’t able to find the right people to talk to in order to upgrade the location contract of my old PowerBook to a brand new MacBook Pro, until today.

So I finally ordered a 2GHz model, with 2GB of RAM and a 100GB, 7200rpm disk. This particular configuration won’t be delivered before 15-20 days, they said. I could have got one immediately, but with a 5400rpm disk. I suspect the faster disk is going to make quite a difference in I/O intensive applications like compiling lots of source files, which I do often, thus I opted for the faster one even if it means having to wait. I expect this machine to be screaming fast.

The best thing is that by doing a “technology upgrade” of my current contract, I will be paying a monthly fee that is just a bit more of what I’m currently paying for the PowerBook.

Starting the count-down now…

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One response

16 03 2006
Ian Holsman

Mine arrived yesterday (same config as yours).. I found that ringing up and hassling them actually does work.

It took 5 hours to copy the stuff over from my old one, and i’m slowly rebuilding the /usr/local area which it didn’t copy over..

still going around and trying to find x86-versions of my heavily used stuff… it takes time!
(and compilling is much faster, but generally it *feels* about the same to me)

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