Windows XP Booting on Mac

16 03 2006

Mac Windows boot screenMac Rumors: Windows XP Booting on Mac Contest Over: “According to this post the final solution will work on the 17′ iMac, 20′ iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro. The full solution should be posted shortly and appears it will include downloadable bootloader.”

How cool is this? I might resolve myself to buy the third Mac in my house: a Mac Mini for the daughter to add to the iMac I use for doing serious work at the home office and the MacBook Pro (substituting the aging PowerBook) for traveling (which I’m doing more and more often, incidentally).

This will allow me to throw the old Celeron she has and that is not even fast enough to play most games, out of the window. We already have mouse, keyboard and display and would get WiFi so I won’t need to run cables through the house to enable her to use the Internet.

The only doubt I have is: will the Intel Mac Mini running Windows XP be able to run some decent games? Nothing requiring extreme 3D performances, mind you, just some simple, fun, educational games.

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19 03 2006

You can get a Mini (which will boot XP) from Freepay… for free:

29 03 2006
Agylen » Virtualization on OS X

[…] If this turns out to be true, my plans to get an Intel Mac Mini on which to run Windows might be closer to fulfillment. […]

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