Let's sue Google

20 03 2006

Reuters.com: “SAN FRANCISCO, March 18 (Reuters) – A parental advice Internet site has sued Google Inc., charging it unfairly deprived the company of customers by downgrading its search-result ranking without reason or warning.

[…] KinderStart charges that Google without warning in March 2005 penalized the site in its search rankings, sparking a “cataclysmic” 70 percent fall in its audience — and a resulting 80 percent decline in revenue.

[…] KinderStart contends that once a company has been penalized, it is difficult to contact Google to regain good standing and impossible to get a report on whether or why the search leader took such action.”

Given my recent problems with Google rankings, I might be tempted to sue them too. Let’s sue the bastards ;).

Update: I checked the KinderStart website and it seems quite obvious that it is a very bad website, with no original content, very few backlinks and (according to Alexa, at least) nowhere near the “10 million pageviews per month” they are claiming. This lawsuit seems to be no more than a very bad publicity stunt but it’s apparently working, at least in the short term.

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One response

3 10 2008

Im in.. who’s in too ? how much are we suing them for?

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