Naked Answers

31 03 2006

I really liked Werner Vogels’ (Amazon’s CTO) account of Scoble’s (no link, sorry, I’m not trying to be snarky just to get some backlinks) and Shel Israel’s presentation of their Naked Conversations book at Amazon:

This was my approach with challenging Shel and Robert at our lunch meeting. I wanted them abandon their fuzzy group hug approach, and counter me with hard arguments why they were right and I was wrong. Instead they appeared shell-shocked that anyone actually had the guts to challenge the golden wonder boys of blogging and not accept their religion instantly.

I think Amazon is already doing enough to engage in a conversation with their customers and, as much as I believe blogging can be an effective communication strategy, it is by no means the only one or the right one.

It’s one thing to be a professional or a small company with no established PR policy or one that stinks. Blogging can do much in this case, but companies like Amazon, who got the two-way nature of the web many years before blogging was a blink in Dave Winer’s eye, need much more than a warm, fuzzy feeling to embrace blogging. They need hard facts, and if two “seasoned evangelists” are not able to provide them, who will?

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