A horrible, sad story

3 04 2006

A small kid — 18 months old — is kidnapped. For 30 days, nothing is heard from his kidnappers, but the investigators are working and after 30 days arrest three people who confess to having murdered the boy on the same night they kidnapped him.

A truly horrible story and one — especially if he has children of his own — cannot help feeling terribly sad and sorry.

The feeling of sorrow is, if possible, aggravated when one learns about one Maria Rosa Busi, a self-proclaimed medium and clairvoyant, who pretends to be able to solve mysteries and murders through her communications with the dead. A few days after the kidnapping, Busi introduced herself to the kid’s parents, affirming that she knew the boy was alive and would have been freed soon.

Busi got her brief moment of fame last year, when allegedly she helped the police find the drowned body of a young woman who had disappeared from home months before. Many newspapers and TV shows reported the story, but failed to mention that the place were the body was found, inside her car on the bottom of a lake, was not only the most probable one, at the end of a steep curve on a road nearby, but also the one which had been indicated by the victim’s mother some time earlier.

She then flunked a couple other attempts at divination, all of which were almost ignored by the mainstream media.

Now, if kidnappers and child murderers certainly deserve the maximum penalty that the law stipulates for such cases, what type of punishment should be awarded to those who exploit the sorrow of parents in order to gain notoriety and fame?

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2 responses

6 01 2007

thui is a wired story just delete this site to shit and never put it on again

27 07 2007

this story is shit
it is the stupidest storie ever to b made up !
yea it probably was made up

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