Good News

10 04 2006
  1. The Left is winning the elections (by a close margin and it’s still statistical projections only, but let’s pretend).
  2. My MacBook Pro has arrived and I will pick it up tomorrow.
  3. Mark Pilgrim is blogging again, and Rogers Cadenhead switched to Atom. I must upgrade to WordPress 2 and see if its Atom support is good, then I will switch my main feed to Atom 1.0 as well.
  4. It’s raining… oh well, you can’t always win.

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One response

10 04 2006
David Welton

Looks like you spoke too soon. Whoever wins is going to be an old man with no new ideas, and not enough political capital to carry out many of the difficult reforms that Italy desperately needs.

Italy is such a wonderful country in so many ways – but it’s maddening at times, mostly because it has so much and it doesn’t seem that it would take all that much more to really excel.

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