Blogging is so 2005

22 04 2006

After Dave Winer announced he was going to stop blogging soon, now it’s
Russell Beattie’s turn:

Yep, after four years and almost 3,000 posts I’ve decided to close up the Notebook. There’s lots of reasons, but generally this is a continuation of the full-reset I started back in January.

Hmmm… how about some real reasons for this, Russell? And how are you going to satisfy your craving for gadgets now that you’re losing your extra income from ads? 😉

Is this the beginning of a trend? Is blogging finally becoming so popular (think MySpace) and so uncool that early adopters will soon start flocking to something else? I don’t know, but I’m trying to keep going, even if lately I’ve lowered my posting frequency a bit. Too much work and too much traveling, probably.

Anyway, we’ll miss you, Russ.




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