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19 05 2006

Ringleader of the Tormentors coverTurns out worries about AllofMP3’s demise were unfounded. The site is back online and ordering is functioning again. In any case, it might be true that its continued viability is at risk, so I spent the last couple bucks of credit I had left there to buy Morrissey’s “Ringleader of the Tormentors”. If they finally close it down for good, I now have just a few pennies to lose.

In case you didn’t know, is a Russian based website selling music for literally a fraction of what it costs to buy it on iTunes or other more regular stores. Just consider that the price for the above-mentioned album is $1.41. Yes, the whole album, not a single track.

Even though their business is legal according to Russian law (at least until Putin opts for a crackdown to appease the RIAA in order to ease Russia’s entry in the WTO), the legality of your exporting music from Russia into your country might be questionable. You’ve been warned!

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19 05 2006

I’m tired of allofmp3’s problems – they don’t accept my visa, they aren’t available for a long period and they don’t let me take my money back.
I’ve started to use a new-found service at which is also Russian based but has no problems with servers and functionallity

20 05 2006

Not sure about it being back up. Just tried to order and recieved the below message:

Ordering is temporarily not available.
The site is undergoing some technical restructuring.
We work hard to resume the service. We expect to put back all the functions shortly.
Please, accept our appologies for this ongoing disruption.

22 05 2006
Dustin Ames

I was able to order music on 5/20 and 5/21, but i took longer than unusual to transcode and only about 70% of my tracks were ready within 24 hours, I have to keep going back to get the remaining tracks as they come out in dribs and drabs. Also as of 5/21 almost a week went by without them adding any new titles. Usually they add around 10-20 titles a day.
On another site I heard speculation that they are switching operating systems. Who knows, I just wish they would post a notice telling their customers what is going on.

12 10 2006

During last two years I use only Huge archive of music of any direction. Songs on
10-30 cents. Has spent already the order of 500 dollars. I wish to learn, somebody used

26 02 2007

I’ve discovered site, which I guess is analog of Their pricing strategy is like $0.15 per track no matter what size and bit rate it is.
When you register you get $0.30 deposited to your account as they say “to check out the quality of our services for free”.
Also they give 100% bonuses on deposits made by Credit Card starting from 20 USD (pay $20 get $40 added to your balance; $30 = $60 etc.).
Other rather eye-catching thing is their “Daily Bonus” scheme, they say; make a payment for e.g. $20 and get $0.02 added to your balance daily, make another payment of $30 and your bonus amount will increase to $0.05 daily.
Concerning legality of this site: The availability over the Internet of the materials is authorized by the license # 33/3M-06 of the Rightholders Federation for Collective Copyright Management of Works Used Interactively (Russian Organization which they pay Royalties to).
Ok, their services might be legal for Russians, but is it legal to use their services in US, UK and other European countries? Actually yes it does mean they are legal in the US and UK, in that music you download is considered legally licensed for personal use, and you can’t legally be prevented from purchasing in this way.
This is because of the Berne convention as administered by the WIPO, and WTO requirements.
I quote “…any country that is a signatory of the convention is awarded the same rights in all other
Countries that are signatories to the Convention as they allow their own nationals, as well as any rights granted by the Convention”
The pigopolist record companies don’t like it because it cuts them out of the loop – the money paid for licenses goes directly to artists! Therefore they do a ‘Bush’ and lie through their teeth even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary in the hope that you believe them and use their preferred overpriced and DRM crippled services.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

27 04 2007

I’ve tried using Iomoio, great music site. Love their bonus:P

2 08 2007
Musik und Filme Downloaden - Schnell, Sicher & Anonym

Wo kann man Filme downloaden…

Eine Seite, die 3 Usenet Anbieter einmal vergleicht, mit denen man u.a. Musik & Filme downloaden kann, mit einigen GB sogar gratis….

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