Atom Reference Implementation

23 05 2006

atom-logo75px.gifJames Snell: “Just a couple of minutes ago I sent off a new proposal to the Apache Incubator PMC to consider incubation of ‘ARI’, a reference implementation of the Atom Syndication Format and Atom Publishing Protocol specifications.”

I’ve been working with Atom lately, specifically with the Publishing Protocol side of things, and have been using Rome, supplemented by some of Dave Johnson’s code. While Rome is a fine toolkit for all kinds of syndication needs, its support for the many variations of RSS tends to get in the way when all you need is Atom, and Dave’s code is too blog-centric for my needs, which have nothing to do with blogging.

So I welcome ARI and will have a look at the code ASAP but, judging from the latest spat of articles on James’ blog, it looks like it already provides a good set of features on the syndication front and some support on the publishing one. I’ll try to swap it in in place of my homegrown, Rome-based code and see if it works out.

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23 05 2006
Sergio Bossa

I checked out the Atom Syndication Format and Atom Publishing Protocol specifications some months ago and they look very interesting: a Java reference implementation would be great.
I hope to find the time to play a bit with James’ code, and I hope to see the ARI project accepted soon in Apache Incubator.

Keep us informed.


Sergio B.

23 05 2006
Ian Holsman

hi Ugo.
just a semantic note to you and your readers.. ARI (or whatever it will be called) will *NOT* be a reference implementation. According to Roy F, the IETF doesn’t allow reference implementations, just implementations

but it is pretty exciting! and I wish them well.

23 05 2006
James Snell

Yeah, calling it a “reference implementation” was a mistake. We are actively looking for alternative name suggestions tho.

3 06 2006
Agylen » Apache Abdera and ROME: alea jacta est!

[…] Great news on the Atom front! The ARI project I mentioned a few days ago has changed its name to Abdera. This gives it a new fancy name while at the same time removing any ambiguity around its “reference” character. I’m really looking forward for it to come out of incubation. […]

29 10 2006
Agylen » I’m an Apache Abdera committer

[…] Apache Abdera is a nifty little project that is undergoing incubation at the ASF and that I’ve been using for a couple of projects since last May. As with all good Open Source projects, you start with some not-so-good code and you gather around it a community of people interested in contributing to make it better and adapt it to their needs. […]

3 01 2008
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2 02 2008
Bibingiou Alexl

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