Apache Abdera and ROME: alea jacta est!

3 06 2006

Great news on the Atom front! The ARI project I mentioned a few days ago has changed its name to Abdera. This gives it a new fancy name while at the same time removing any ambiguity around its “reference” character. I’m really looking forward for it to come out of incubation.

As I had anticipated, I changed my code to use Abdera instead of ROME and it was a relatively quick and painless process. Just changing all Java package names and keeping references to “Entry” and “Feed” classes was enough to get most of the code to compile cleanly.

Last but not the least: James Snell suggested on the ROME developers’ list that Rome could use Abdera instead of its own Atom implementation, and he was met with loud cheers, as Pat reports. Personally, I’m all for dropping ROME’s feed model and replacing it with one based on Atom, as Atom can do everything that RSS does, and much better.

There’s also been talk of moving ROME to Apache, a move which I would personally applaud.

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