Eclipse and Intel Macs

3 06 2006

This is for a bunch of people I know that routinely use Eclipse on their Intel Macs:

EclipseZone – Eclipse and Intel Macs – apply …: “It’s quite likely that this is a driver issue with Mac OS X on Intel that was causing some of these problems, and Apple’s released QuickTime 7.1.1 that claims to fix some issues with startup items for Intel macs. In any case, bug 142892 has been tracking it, and it looks like applying this fix solves whatever the graphics card issue is, and Eclipse is running again. “

I didn’t have this particular problem (UI is freezed, even though mouse pointer moves, and you cannot even login from remote) when running Eclipse, but rather with other applications, like Opera for example. However, the symptoms were the same, so I dutifully upgraded Quicktime to 7.1.1, hoping they won’t surface again.

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