Evil or Not? for sale

7 06 2006

Some time ago, I launched the Evil or Not? website. My plans were to add lots of features in the next months and make it popular, but I could never find the time necessary for this. Given the number of projects and things I have currently going on, it’s unlikely that I will ever be able to do anything more than check from time to time that it’s still running. Which is a pity, since I still think it’s a cool idea and could attract some traffic if properly developed and promoted.

So, the options are to either let it float for some more time, or try to find someone who is willing to raise it to new heights. In this case, I’m ready to give away the idea, the domain name, the code and all the data (5 months of trends), for a reasonable price. Ideally, I would like to find someone who is able to broker a good deal, but I’m ready to accept direct offers.

From a technical point of view, it’s just a simple Ruby on Rails web application with a PostgreSQL database underneath (but could be ported to something else like MySQL in minutes).

In case you’re interested, just drop me a note.




3 responses

7 07 2006
Jose Thomas

Hey.. what is the asking price?

9 10 2006
Barry Jackson

Ill pay you $400 and my left ear… Deal? I think so!

Y O U H A V E B E E N S E R V E D!

9 10 2006
Mike Hunt


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