An Eclipse Rant

1 07 2006

Why is it that everytime I try to upgrade from one stable Eclipse version (3.1 in this case) to a new one (3.2) I invariably end up having to do an install from scratch? Unzipping the new version over the old one resulted in lots of errors and non-functioning stuff, so I installed it all in a new directory, but then had to copy some plugins by hand and reinstall others using the Update Manager.

I also lost some of my preferences, like Java editing templates. Why aren’t those in my workspace directory, which is under my home directory and shouldn’t therefore get lost if I delete the old /Application/eclipse directory? The mind boggles.

Anyway, I’ve now got Eclipse 3.2 running on both my machines (the upgrade on the MacBook was relatively painless, being from a 3.2 milestone release instead of from 3.1). All is well that ends well.




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2 07 2006

I agree. For all the celebrations, and delayed releases (I was waiting for this, I religiously downloaded all RCs), this is too flaky!

10 07 2006

FWIW, it is often better to install your plugins as extensions so that upgrading Eclipse from one to another doesn’t break stuff. Additionally, you can install multiple versions of plugins and activate/deactivate them at will without worrying about harming your true install. Finally, plugins can also be shared across Eclipse installs.

Unzipping a new Eclipse over the old will almost never work because you’re not deleting old files that shouldn’t be there in the new one. Who knows what sort of havoc that will wreak.

You are right about Preferences, however.

14 07 2006

BTW give a chance for yoxos eclipse too. It rocks! And upgrade is not a matter at all with yoxos update manager.
-Good luck agylen

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