Joanne Colan's Google Number

9 07 2006

Dave Winer: “Google reports 16,200 hits for ‘Joanne Colan.’ Let’s measure that again in a week and a month.”

joanne-colan.jpgThat’s not completely true: in order to correctly compute the so-called “Google Number” for a person, you should put her name in quotes, otherwise all sorts of spurious results will come up, like for instance:

Peter lives with his wife Joanne and their family in Lyme, New Hampshire. … Neil Colan is a psychologist with over 20 years of experience providing …

If you search for “Joanne Colan” (in quotes), Google gives you just 513 hits as of today, many of which are related to the recent news about her, so they were probably even less a few days ago. Quite strange for someone who is, after all, already a public figure.

Even curiouser, for one who has such pretty looks, is the small amount of pictures of her you can find online. I guess this also is going to change a lot from tomorrow.

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9 07 2006
Simone Gianni

Unfortunately putting in quotes not always works as expected. In my case “Simone Gianni” reports something like 15k results, but many are “Simone (Gianni Schicchi)” which are actually .. haem .. porn movies casts.

It would be very wise for Google to add a name:”Simone Gianni” that really search for a name, without other characters in it, capitalized, and with a better ranking when it a appears near some common keywords (“to:”, “from:”, “Name Surname ” etc..)

11 07 2006
Agylen » The Long Wait

[…] I cannot even watch the latest Rocketboom episode. Where art thou, Joanne Colan? […]

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