The Long Wait

11 07 2006

The Long WaitI’m currently stranded at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, after my flight has been delayed by 4 hours and 20 minutes (hoping it doesn’t get any worse than that), so I figured I could kill time taking pictures and uploading them to Flickr. Thanks god for Airport WiFi, though I wish it were free.

To make the long wait a little more bearable, I also bought a book: The Long Tail. An appropriate title, it seems. I wonder if I can manage to finish it before I get home. Probably yes, since it’s not very thick.

I cannot even watch the latest Rocketboom episode. Where art thou, Joanne Colan?

Update: Let’s just hope my fate is not as bad as Matt’s!

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2 responses

13 07 2006
Bagel Belly Blog

Awww, I love you Ryanair!…

My trip to and from Rome was obviously my turn for the travel gremlins to be out in force. The outward journey was messed up by nature (a stag was struck by an incoming train, delaying all services on……

5 09 2006
Agylen » Disappointed again by Transavia

[…] For the second time in less than two months, my Transavia flight back from Amsterdam is heavily delayed, this time by 2:40 hours, at the least. Add to that the discomfort of having to drive to and from Bergamo (I left home yesterday with enough advance that I could have almost got to Amsterdam by car) and it really makes you want to just say no and tell the customer that next time they’ll have to pay the price of a KLM flight, no matter how high. […]

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