Speaking at ApacheCon about Atom

17 07 2006

After going to Portland next week to speak at OSCON, it looks like I’ll be crossing the ocean once more in October to speak at ApacheCon US 2006, where my proposals for two talks titled:

  • Ruby for Java Programmers, and
  • Atomized: How to consume and publish Atom using Open-Source Java tools

were accepted. Many thanks to the ApacheCon organizers for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

I’m curious to know who else will be speaking. The only other one I know of at this time is Andrew.

The talk about Atom reflects my recent interest in the format, the publishing protocol and its applications. I can’t say much about that since most of what I’ve been doing around it is covered by NDA, but Atom rocks. Looks like Tim Bray shares the same feeling, to the point of being horrified to see nothing about the Atom Publishing Protocol on the OSCON schedule. Luckily he has enough clout to convince Nat to include him in the program. That’s one talk I’m not going to miss!




One response

28 07 2006
Elzeviro » No Apachecon US for me…

[…] Looks like I’m going to miss my first Apachecon in four years: given both Ugo and Andrew have been accepted, Sourcesense is both going to be more than well represented and in need of someone at the helm, which means I will probably stay home and enjoy some local work for a change. I will deeply miss hanging around with the other ASF guys, but there will for sure be other chances to meet up. Have fun in Austin, guys!   […]

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