How to Make Firefox for Mac More Mac-like

21 07 2006

Great advice from on how to make your Firefox more Mac-like:

Who doesn’t love Firefox? I’ll tell you who, Mac users. While Firefox has always been great on Windows and Linux, it seems that the Mac version of the browser has always lagged behind in terms of performance and visual appeal. Since version 1.5, the Firefox development team has been paying more attention to the Mac version of the browser, slowly increasing its speed. The upcoming Firefox 2.0 continues those tweaks, finally making Firefox fast enough to be considered usable. That leaves just one problem with Firefox for Mac, the appearance. Luckily thanks to some third-party developers, Firefox can easily be tweaked to fit in with the operating system.


Apart from the theme, which is a matter of taste after all—but using less vertical pixels is better as a matter of fact—having close buttons on the tabs themselves is a must, especially considering that it will be the default on Firefox 2. And using the location box as a progress bar is useful when you have lots of extensions taking up space in the status bar, like me. Pictured below: Google PageRank Status, Firebug, AdSense Notifier, Blogger Web Comments, GreaseMonkey.

Firefox extensions

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2 responses

24 07 2006
Simone Gianni

It’s intresting that many of these enhancements seems to be taken from Minimo, the firefox for windows mobile. There, since monitors are really small, there were already progress bar in the location bar, close buttons on tabs and so on.

19 06 2008

thats great i am a mac fun but use pc 😀 so it is going to be so helpful for me thanks

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