OSCON, Day 0

24 07 2006

Sunset Through the Steel Bridge, PortlandOSCON actually started today, but yesterday evening a bunch of geeks with a penchant for photography met for a walkabout around Portland. If you were in the vicinity of Portland’s Steel Bridge at that time you could have spotted this group of people pointing cameras around, shooting at the weirdest objects and taking pictures of someone taking pictures of someone taking pictures of someone … ad infinitum.

One of the most interesting aspects of it all was that you could have seen the whole gamut of equipment, ranging from very professional cameras, lenses and tripods, down to compact point-and-shoot models. But I bet that, by looking at the results here, you’d be surprised to learn that some of the most intriguing shots were taken with the least expensive equipment.

Earlier on the same day, I did lots of walking around Portland, mostly in downtown and across Washington Park, which I walked through from the MAX station up north to the Japanese Garden and the International Rose Garden, then back down to Pioneer Courthouse Square. I stopped only when the heat really started to be intolerable (I spotted 95F on a display in downtown) and my feet started developing blisters. Then I jumped on the MAX and got back at the hotel for a few hours of rest and refreshment.

The Rose Garden, PortlandMy sightseeing is chronicled by a bunch of Flickr sets that you can find here, here and here. Now, what I would like some digital photography guru to explain me is why my shots of red flowers—roses in particular—come out with the reds completely saturated, giving them a very “flat” and unnatural look. What can I do to avoid this defect, besides changing my camera?

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