OSCON 2006 Wrap-up

31 07 2006

OSCON 2006 was a blast! Lots of great speakers, flawless organization, nice location. As always, the best part of technical conferences is meeting people. I’ll briefly list the ones I had the opportunity of exchanging some words with: James Duncan Davidson, Ted Leung, Dave Thomas, Mike Clark, John Lam, Garrett Rooney, Jim Weirich, Sam Ruby, Tim Bray, J Aaron Farr, Justin Erenkrantz, Susan Wu, David Welton, Stuart Halloway, Matt Raible, Greg Wilkins, Matt Asay. It was my pleasure to meet you.

A special mention for an old friend: Alex Martelli, who I first met many years ago, completely lost contact with, and met again at OSCON. It’s been a pity I couldn’t attend any of his talks: one was scheduled at the same time as mine and another one was in the last slot on Friday, when I had to leave to board my plane. Maybe next time.

As for talks, of notable interests were the one by Stu Halloway on Streamlined—I think Streamlined is going to do much towards the acceptance of Ruby on Rails in the “enterprise”— and the presentation of Google’s Open Source project hosting service: Sourceforge, be alarmed. Both were packed with paople being refused entrance at the door when there wasn’t even standing room anymore.

During the last keynote session, we were treated to another show by Damian Conway. If “The Da Vinci Codebase” was dubbed the best presentation ever, this one could aspire to the title of “Best presentation ever, ever. No, seriously”. The guy should be given a show on Comedy Central, together with Jon Stewart. He’s that good.

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