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4 08 2006

This is from my blog’s keyword stats:

17	27.42%	follower of joel

What this means is that, out of the last 100 visits I had, 17 came here by searching for “follower of joel” on Google or other search engines. Not surprising, considering that this page of mine ranks #1 on Google for that phrase (not hard at all, there being just five results, and this post will probably reinforce that ranking, by the way).

What is surprising is why so many people suddenly started searching for that phrase. I guess it has to do with one of the latest posts by Scoble, when he referred to some Joel, without providing a link. Joel is of course Joel Spolsky.

Now, all this no-linking stuff that Scoble and his buddy Steve Gillmor are talking about is nothing more than a load of crap. Total bullshit, and the fact that people are coming here instead of finding the right destination (assuming this is what is happening) just confirms it. Admittedly, people could easily find the real Joel by looking up just “joel” on Google, so maybe there is some other factor at play here.

In any case, if that is what they want, I’m not linking to either Robert or Steve. No point in giving them more page rank than they already have, right?.




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12 08 2006
mr brad

I inferred from your post that Robert and Steve suffer with sand in their vaginas, and I scornfully submit that “Follower of Joel” is a four-letter clue in a (Tribune) crossword puzzle published 04 Aug 2006. In agreement, their rank emanation doesn’t need any wafting.

12 08 2006

Interesting. Has anyone got a clue as to what is the solution to that puzzle?

19 08 2006
Crossed Words

Me too, different newspaper though

9 01 2008

Me too, but now it’s 1/09/2008. Must be a rerun of the puzzle, different paper.

10 01 2008

Amos follows Joel – Biblical reference

27 12 2009

Ahh Amos. Most helpful. So what is this website blah blahing about anyway?

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