Enabling Atom 1.0 on WordPress

5 08 2006

James Snell: “Ok, so it’s about time I got around to offering some more helpful advice on how to enable WordPress to use Atom 1.0. First off, there are the templates. Download the tar, pull out the wp-atom.php and wp-commentsatom.php and drop them into your wordpress folder (overwriting the Atom 0.3 template). You’ll likely want to make a few customizations of the templates if you want to associate feed icons and licenses with the feeds and entries.”

Done! If you are currently fetching my RSS feed, I suggest switching to the Atom 1.0 one.

[Valid Atom 1.0]




3 responses

22 09 2006

May I ask why to use the Atom feed?

I mean is there any reason to do that?

22 09 2006


I think Dave Johnson pretty much sums it up here: http://rollerweblogger.org/roller/entry/users_developers

You can find there pointers to various threads of the discussion, but I think you can guess what side of the issue I stand on :).

23 01 2007

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