So long, RSS

11 09 2006

I was pretty sure I had modified the Atom feed for this blog to output Atom 1.0, using James Snell’s templates for WordPress. I was certainly serving Atom 1.0, because I remember I validated it and even proudly displayed the badge.

Then my certainties were shattered when I tried running some tests with Abdera on my feed and, to my surpirse, discovered I was still producing Atom 0.3. *Blush*. Something must have happened in the meantime and the Atom 1.0 template has apparently been replaced by the original one. Maybe it was the system crash the other day, I really don’t know.

Wanting to fix the issue once and forever and with the minimum amount of manual intervention, I remembered reading on Sam Ruby’s blog about a WordPress plugin. In a couple of minutes I downloaded, installed and activated it and now I’m proudly serving Atom 1.0 again.

As a side effect, all RSS feeds are gone (OK, if you really want an RSS 2.0 feed, look here). I can’t say that I’m sad to see them go: Atom is so much better.




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