Re: Outsourcing the performance-intensive functions

13 09 2006

While I’m waiting to board my (delayed, once again) flight to London, I am doing some blog surfing and just came upon this quote from DHH:

“The era of islands is over for most development scenarios. You don’t have to make one definitive choice. Instead, you get to hog all the productivity you can for the common cases, then outsource the bottlenecks to existing packages in faster languages or build your own tiny extension when it’s needed.”

Well, the era of islands did never actually begin for pragmatic developers, to be honest, but anyway I think this sentence, and all of David’s piece, could very well be taken as an endorsement of the work I’ve been doing: investigating the integration between the Ruby and Java worlds.

I like is so much that I’ve just added a slide with the above sentence to my presentation for tomorrow.

And no, I don’t even want to touch the “language wars” thread with a pole. Use the right tool for the job and to each his own.




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