Jamie Cullum at the Stubbs BBQ

13 10 2006

JamieCullum.jpgSo we went to this neat BBQ place near our hotel for lunch today. Food was great, even though I couldn’t really appreciate it, having had an excessive amount of food for breakfast.

On the way out, I noticed a blackboard where they list the upcoming gigs they are having there, because they also do live music. On the program for tomorrow night there was Jamie Cullum listed. I couldn’t really believe it, so I checked on Jamie’s website, and it’s true. I mean, you might not know Jamie, as he’s not that popular, but I’ve heard him on the radio several times back at home and, to me, one who gets that kind of exposure is “big”.

The fact is that, back home, we’re not accustomed to find musicians, who published several albums and got a decent amount of air time, playing in small clubs and BBQ places. We’re even less accustomed to have tickets for something like $25.

I think I could reconsider Austin, a town that up to now hadn’t given me anything to remember. Tomorrow night I’m still here, so I might as well get a good steak and very good music.

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4 responses

16 10 2006
Arje Cahn

Did you make it to Jamie’s gig????

16 10 2006

In the end, no. I was alone and I don’t like going to concerts alone. And I wanted to go to bed early, in preparation for a probable red-eye flight.

16 10 2006
Lauren Bingham

You definitely missed an amazing show! One of the few artists who, I think, sounds better live than recorded. I grew up here in Austin, so I’ve been spoiled hearing big names in small venues. But if you ever come back, check ahead–there’s always someone good playing. (I know Jamie has come back for SXSW and Austin City Limits)

18 10 2006

It’s a shame you didn’t make it. While I don’t live in Austin, I’ve been following Jamie around to live shows in multiple states for a couple of years now. The boy is a larger-than-life talent who never ceases to amaze! I hope you’re able to catch him at some point. Warning though, in advance…You may become SERIOUSLY addicted (like I did). Be afraid…be very afraid! LOL.

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