Help, my MacBook Pro power cable is failing

23 10 2006

MacBook Pro Power CableMy friend and colleague Gianugo says this happened to him also, and it seems to be quite frequently. To make it short, the power cable of my MacBook Pro started malfunctioning this afternoon: the led wouldn’t light up and no power was flowing. Apparently the soldering between the thin cable and the MagSafe connector cannot stand the repetitive strain that you apply on it by continuously winding and unwinding it around the power brick.

So I called up the store and they told me I will need to bring it in for checking tomorrow morning and they might have one spare power adapter to lend me. Luckily, after some prodding, pushing and pulling I was able to make the cable work again this evening (see picture), but I am afraid it’s going to fail again as soon as I try to move it. Anyway, I have two fully charged batteries now and they should be enough to allow me to use the laptop tonight (and post this entry) and tomorrow morning until after 10AM, when the store opens.




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24 10 2006
Ian Holsman

Hi Ugo.

This happened to me a while ago. the little pins in the power adapter are probably not pushing up again, if you look you’ll notice 2-3 of the pins are depressed. This is causing the problem.

i had some success getting the pins up by tapping it, and putting the power cord into the socket in a special manner, but it’s only a short term measure you’ll need a new cord.

If your sneaky, put your old cord in the new box, and return it as faulty 😉

25 10 2006
Sylvain Wallez

I was horrified when I saw once Gianugo pulling firmly the cable to unplug his Mac.

I consider disconnecting by pulling the wire a security measure and *always* pull the plug by grabbing the connector. The cable is as nice as it was the first day!

31 10 2006
Arno Schuurink

Hi Ugo,

I encountered the same problem but it isn’t the cable. You will notice the plug in yout mac has two pins wich got black (due to electricity over bad contact). If you take the sharp point of a knife and remove the black dirt (You’d better unplug the battery first!) you’re back in business again. Good luck.

31 10 2006

Looks like Ian’s diagnosis was correct. The pins were sticking to the inside and not pushing up. Luckily my warranty was still valid, so I got a new adapter for free.

28 11 2006
Elzeviro » OK Apple, what’s going on?

[…] It’s definitely hard to be an Apple fan these days. I’m writing this while waiting for some important data to be backed up before I hit the road to the nearest Apple reseller, hoping I can get a new power supply as mine is failing. Again. This time, I’m experiencing exactly what happened to Ugo one month ago, and I’m furiously tapping my Magsafe every five minutes or so to restore functionality. […]

29 05 2007
Agylen » Mac fan gone

[…] Couple this with a failing magsafe connector, a battery that needed replacement and a hard disk with some kind of defect, and I’m really starting to think this machine needs to be seriously serviced, if not entirely replaced. […]

30 05 2007
Ugo Cei: Mac fan gone | Server software

[…] Couple this with a failing magsafe connector, a battery that needed replacement and a hard disk with some kind of defect, and I’m really starting to think this machine needs to be seriously serviced, if not entirely replaced. 30 May 07 | Source link | Apache | | On Server Also: […]

28 01 2008

Mine just died- and no clue where to get it replaced 😦

9 02 2008
Macbook Air

David, you will have a warranty directly with apple. Contact them via their website.

6 03 2008

Mine is failing, too, and it’s not the pins, it’s the actual cable. Now, I use my Macbook every day on my lap, and it appears the cable’s not designed to cope with the constant bend to the floor, and has started to split at the point it comes out of the magnetic connector (just past the harder plastic sheath). The plastic has cracked and the wire itself is visible.
Now some might argue that it’s not designed for constant use on one’s lap, and I should use it at a desk instead. I would counter that it’s a laptop….

21 03 2008

Fiona… I completely agree. I’ve been babying my cable for a long time now and it appears to be ready to fail any day now. I have had it less than two years and it just seems wrong that it would fail anytime in the first 5 or so…

I’m going to head to the Apple store and see what they’ll do for me.

29 03 2008

I had the same problem. The cable started to seperate from the magnetic connector. I took it to the Apple store claiming it was poor manufacturing, as this happened within a year of buying the Macbook. They told me it’s not covered under warranty and I’ll have to buy a new one. $80.

13 05 2008

I’m also in the failing cable group. Mine has split where the cable enters the plug too.

I’m wondering if I can save it with a bit of heat-shrink tube or get a replacement plug from some where.

1 06 2008

I’m simultaneously delighted and dismayed that so many others are having the same problem as I am. I too am a hard user of my MacBook Pro, brilliant thing, my best friend. Seems these cords where they connect to the laptop are the weakest link in an otherwise sturdy design. It’s the third time I’ve had a problem in that exact spot, but the first time with Mac. I thought the magnetic connector, which comes unsnapped a lot, would be the cure for that, but nooooo. This causes me to disrespect things made in Asia. My cord works when it’s held at a specific angle, so I held it at that angle and applied clear silicone gel, some stuff from the hardware store called Plumbing Plomeria Amazing Goop. It’s not at all unsightly. But I’m afraid it’s a temporary measure at best. Incidentally, I repaired the cord to Oreck vacuum cleaner in the exact same way.
I found reconditioned A1172 – Original Apple MacBook Pro MagSafe 85W AC Adapter with 2-Prong Cord at for $50.00. Sounds like a pretty good deal, if you ask me, and you did start out by saying, “Help”.

9 07 2008

My power cord failed today for the first time ever. When the first panic feelings subsided I found this thread on Google, brilliant! The five little connectors looked just fine and shiny on both the computer and the plug. I anyway removed the battery, unplugged the power adapter from the wall and scraped the connectors with the tip of a paper clip. It felt a bit stupid since they all looked clean, but when I tried it afterwards, it worked again! I am not sure what I removed or if I did something else to it, but this is again a good day.

31 03 2009

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9 04 2009

I can’t describe the annoyance at this happening to me also – for the second time! We bought a new cord only about 6 months ago, (for the same thing) and tonight, I find screen black, just as I am about to do a heap of stuff before I go away. I should have known when the cable kept popping out at the slightest movement of the laptop recently.

23 10 2009

And it is certainly true that no Central Bank in recorded history has ever failed. ,

9 02 2010
Tyler Zaborsky


I am on my second failing power wire. The head of the wire which plugs into the computer had actually come off of the wire skin and inside the casing was exposed, its been like this for 2 days now. Today I accidentally knocked the computer off of my desk when it was open and in sleep mode. When I picked it up I plugged in the power wire and it started sparking and smoking (I’m worried about a short???). My computer won’t turn on now. When I hold the on button, I can hear it come on, but within in 5-10 seconds it flips off… Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to take it to a computer store to get fixed in the next week or so if I can’t figure out the problem. Thank you.

11 02 2010

The same thing is happening to me. For many months it loaded in a specific angle, but now it’s completely stopped working. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the plug or the computer. And there aren’t any Apple stores near my hometown, actually I think there’s only one in the whole country – if even that. I don’t know what to do. Send it somewhere?! My computer’s been without power for a week soon and I’ve been unable to write anything or update my site 😦

8 03 2010
Dash Rendar

Mac designed them this way to get an additional revenue stream for failing plugs. Long been a supporter of Mac’s but those $600 PC laptops are starting to sound like a better deal.

9 01 2012
Paige Cummings

This has happened to me twice now. The original power cord started “not powering” about two months ago. I could wiggle it and jiggle it and hold it at certain angles, and it would charge up, then finally nothing. enter new power cord. This one lasted only two months. I know that I hold it in my lap, on the couch, on the train, in the car, etc. Originally I thought it was great. Now, coming home to a dead computer is a bit obnoxious.

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