Yahoo! Bookmarks: where's the API?

25 10 2006

yahoobookmarkslogo.jpgYahoo Bookmarks Enters 21st Century – TechCrunch: “Until today, Yahoo Bookmarks (which is a separate product from and My Web) stored only the URL, title and comment for a particular bookmark. The new product caches all text on the page, stores a thumbnail view, and allows both categorization (folders) and tagging of each bookmark.”

I’m not a fan of bookmarking services. I’ve been using on and off for a while but I’ve mostly abandoned it. What I think sets the new Yahoo! Bookmarks service apart is the caching of pages. I think the potential for reusability for this service would be infinite, if it had an API. I can see lots of mashup opportunities opening up because of that cache, but until we see an API, I’m not going to bother.

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One response

26 03 2007

That means, there is no API for yahoo bookmarks ?

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