The Open Source Business Academy

28 10 2006

OSBA.pngMark November 21 on your calendars: Sourcesense and Sun Microsystems Italia are organizing the first edition of the Open Source Business Academy.

This is a one day event aimed at business managers and decision makers who want to evaluate the costs and benefits of the adoption of Open Source in their company.

Confirmed speakes, so far, are:

  • Mark A. Brewer: Chief Executive Officer, Covalent
  • Simon Phipps: Chief Open Source Officer, Sun Microsystems Inc.
  • John Powell: President and Chief Executive Officer, Alfresco
  • Angelo Solari: Director, Software Factory, Telecom Italia

I don’t know the other speakers, but I’ve heard Simon Phipps speaking already, and he’s great.

All of us are totally psyched by this, as this is the first instance where Sourcesense is really coming to the forefront in a high-visibility event and presenting itself as one of the highlights of the business-oriented Open Source landscape. You can also read this post by Gianugo if you want to know more of what we’re up to.

The event will be held at the Enterprise Hotel, Milan, Italy and will comprise a plenary session in the morning and a series of parallel workshops in the afternoon. So, if you’re interested in making sense of Open Source, go register yourself and drop by on the 21st.




2 responses

28 10 2006

This is awesome. Do you know who is coordinating this and how I might be able to get in touch with them?

8 11 2006

You can access the event’s website or call Sourcesens in Milan:
+39 02 24 12 68 45

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