My new shower

29 10 2006

My new showerMy new shower looks great. It was a bit of a problem getting it, since the corner of the bathroom where it stands has a section of wall protruding out over the edge of the bottom plate, so they had to cut a portion of the glass from its standard size in order to make it fit.

They also cut it wrong once, even though they had a perfectly precise drawing. Or maybe they cut it right and then sent in the wrong piece. I don’t know, but it took two weeks more to have the right piece. Anyway, in the end the installer came and mounted the box, so we now have a brand new, shiny-steel-and-glass shower.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the picture, something’s not quite right. When cutting the curved doors to size, they evidently changed their curvature, but then forgot to adapt the curvature of the steel rim that sits on the border of the bottom plate against which the doors are supposed to snugly fit. In my case there’s a gap between the doors and the rim that goes up to about 2 cm in the middle. Grrrr.




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