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8 11 2006

Simon Phipps.jpgSo it looks like Sun might decide to license Java SE and ME under the GPL. I sure hope that doesn’t include the core libraries, otherwise once your code does something trivial like implements it will be GPLed as well, and the LGPL is not going to be safer in this respect.

In any case, if you want to hear the story directly from the man who is overseeing this, i.e. none other than Sun’s Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps, you’d better join us at the Open Source Business Academy, where Simon will deliver another one of his Zen of Free talks, this time aptly subtitled “The Philosophy behind the Open Sourcing of Java”. What better occasion than this one to get answers to this one and many other questions about Sun, Java and Open Source?

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13 11 2006
Agylen » And GPL it is

[…] With respect to the fears I have expressed about the core libraries being GPL as well, it looks like—according to Tim Bray— that they will use the Classpath Exception clause to avoid code using them to be infected by the GPL. I can’t even begin to wonder what the actual legal consequences of this are, but the spirit—if not the wording— of the clause seem pretty clear to me. […]

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