The best part of Open Source is giving back

17 11 2006

It’s not easy to find a company that is so keen on giving back to the community as it is on taking from it, even when the code is at the heart of its business. I guess it’s just natural that this happens, when you staff a company with some of the best minds of Open Source.

Leo Simons: “Since everyone is inventing roughly the same wheel at the same time, and some people have re-invented it several times now, it is obvious it is about time for an open source project that does RDF-over-HTTP, properly. I’ve been talking to various people about this for a while now, and a bunch of us are almost ready to approach the Apache Incubator with a proposal for a project to build a ‘sparql endpoint’. And the venice project will be donating some code (and developer time!) to seed this effort. Hopefully we will go from annoyingly secretive to actively open (and open source) in the scope of a few weeks.”

Nice feelings aside, you should also consider Queso, Leo. I would have posted this as a comment on your blog, but there’s no comment system there, so here it is.

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