Sell AAPL, really

24 11 2006

LOLZI don’t know who this David Keppelmeyer is. The name is probably fake, but he got me completely—hook, line and sink—before I realized this was just an elaborate prank:

In the last few years Apple has been the darling of the gadget press. Profits and sales are reported to be sailing higher than ever, and at a glance, the company’s success would seem to be assured. Under the surface however, there is little to be happy about for followers of the Macintosh, Apple’s aged platform, and the iPod. While the iPod is a solid if limited music player, it’s an offering without the backing of Microsoft, and missing several killer features of the Redmond giant’s new Zune music player.

Taken by itself, every single point he makes sounds outrageous, but not something you haven’t heard yet from the ever-present Apple-bashers and Microsoft-lovers. It’s only when you consider them all together that it becomes clear that it’s just satire.

Or was I simply too credulous? Judging from the comments, it seems like I’m in good company. Even TUAW seems to have taken the piece seriously. In any case, read it all, it’s fun.

Image courtesy of goopymart.

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