Ronaldinho's most beautiful goal against Villareal

26 11 2006

I noticed a marked peak of visitors to this website this morning looking for something about Ronaldinho. I have a couple of pages hosting Ronaldinho videos here and here that for some reason are ranking fairly well in Google, so it’s normal for me that many visitors come here looking for some videos of Ronaldinho’s magic tricks with the ball. But this morning’s traffic is higher than usual, so I figured out he must have done another one of his tricks. A brief search reveals that yesterday (November 25) he scored a wonderful goal in the game against Villareal in the Spanish Liga. Unfortunately, the only video I could find isn’t of very good quality and you have to suffer the Arab commentary, but here it goes:

Update: found a better video with Spanish commentary.

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29 11 2006

I was watching the game live and I cant remember what I do in the 5 minute period after the goal:) I guess I lost my self consciousness.

2 12 2006

This was an audacious goal. I mean it was a free header and Ronaldinho could have headed it home. But only a Brazilian could think of pulling off something like this. Remember Roberto Carlos’ failed overhead kick clearance from the 1998 World Cup final against France. This time around it was Ronaldinho attempting it and no way he was gonna fail.

2 12 2006

its ronaldinho the best player ever with no competitor,by the way if u know the arabic language u will know that arab commentators are the best in commenting matches not like cold blooded english commentators who make u want to stop watching by their so called jokes and sarcastic way of speaking.

20 12 2006


26 12 2006
John Smith

What a load of fuss over a grown man kicking a bag of wind about, and getting paid obscene amounts of money for it!

8 01 2007

….NR 1

16 03 2007

js, y would u take the time to leave a message like that u absolute plonker. we dont come to ur work and tell u how to flip burgers all day do we?
i was at this game too and never have i seen or heard a response like it when it went in. 100,000 ppl gasp and then erupt. hands down the best player ever to play this game

11 04 2007
Aussie kid

I traveled all the way from australia to see that game, and it was definetly worth it after watching that goal.

9 02 2008

Class player, but needs a definate change of scene, Ac Milan or Chelsea, will get him in the summer

5 06 2008
True Brit

Whats wrong with Arab commentary? I took a class in Arabic language with and now I can understand it. 😉 Some of it is a little colloquial I think, but all in all a good description.

BTW, Arab football teams are a sleeper, theres some real talent waiting there…

19 07 2008
jon a

#1 man the best goal of the year man dinho your awesome and too bad your goin to ac milan #1 ever !)f^*k madrid

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