The Chopra Delusion

5 12 2006

Deepak Chopra: “This last question is the most pressing one, for both believers and non-believers. To claim that the swirling, chaotic quantum soup that erupted from the Big Bang evolved into human life by random chance is only believable because science has no urgent need to find a credible alternative.”

What Mr. Chopra says is that science doesn’t have all the answers. That might be true, but the real problem here is that his theory is just a lot of unfounded assertions with nothing to back them. In short, all he has to offer as an alternative is just bad pseudo-science, vague, undefined concepts like “infinite quantum field” and such drivel which is the trademark of charlatans, mystics, and peddlers of woo.

What’s saddest is that there are hundreds of comments there syaing basically the same thing as I’m writing, yet he completely ignores them.

And he even resorts to old creationist canards like describing evolution as the product of “random chance”. This is beyond ignorance and beyond intellectual dishonesty. This is just stupid.

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2 responses

17 12 2006

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that Chopra is a quack. The sad thing is that his ads are now littering your sidebar, thanks to Adsense.

17 12 2006

Chopra ads are not even the worst. I usually see a number of ads for stupid creationist sites whenever I post something about evolution, religion, etc.

However, considering that most readers of this blog are probably skeptics and atheists, if they click on the ads and use up a bit of the advertisers’ AdWords budget, it might be a good thing, after all 😉

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