Welcome, Giovanni

5 12 2006

SourceSense.gifStarting today, Giovanni is our new boss. If you wonder what happened to Gianugo, don’t worry: he’ll be moving higher to be the head of our European operations. I’m not sure what this mean in practice. I think he doesn’t know either, exactly ;). We’ll have to figure it out as we move along, as things here are happening at an incredible pace, which just makes it all more exciting.

Back to Giovanni, he’s one of the leading figures in the Italian Java landscape, having started with it while at Sun, back in 1995. I’m sure working with him will be a great source of motivation and knowledge, while we could teach him some of the ins and outs of the Open Source landscape.

So here is my most heartfelt welcome to him, together with an invitation to start a blog. I need someone to link to.




One response

6 12 2006
Agylen » NeoOffice Aqua Beta Torrent

[…] You know what happens when you get a new boss who’s been working for 11 years at Sun? He starts sending out OpenOffice documents, that’s what . […]

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