NeoOffice Aqua Beta Torrent

6 12 2006

NeoOffice.jpgYou know what happens when you get a new boss who’s been working for 11 years at Sun? He starts sending out OpenOffice documents, that’s what ;).

I think I should be happy that he’s not sending MS Office documents, and cannot really in good conscience recommend the exclusive use of Apple products like iWork, in preference to a true Open Source solution, no matter how much I love Keynote. Moreover, we still need to get him a Mac.

The only problem I had, to be honest, was that I didn’t have Open Office installed on my MacBook Pro, and didn’t want to install and run X11 just to open a few documents. So I thought of using NeoOffice. After all, I’ve seen Simon Phipps use it on his Mac when he did his presentation at OSBA, so if it’s good for Simon it must be good for me.

Problem is, the main download site for NeoOffice appears to be down. Looking for an alternative location, I came upon a torrent for NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta 3 for Intel Macs which led to a speedy download and now I can open ODF files without having to suffer X11.

To make this post a little less self-serving, I’m linking to the torrent here, for the benefit of those that might be searching for it. Personally, though, I think I will continue to use Keynote for doing my own presentations.

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