Snow on the Alps

7 12 2006

PuntaJolanda.jpgAfter an unusually warm and dry November, snow has finally started falling on the Alps and it’s probable that lifts will begin operating this week-end, which actually starts tomorrow, a national holiday here in Italy. People from Milan are even luckier: today it’s St. Ambrose’s Day, Milan’s patron saint, and most businesses are closed as well.

Not living in Milan, but just a few kilometers away, we decided to take at least half a day off, for sympathy ;), and so we are leaving this afternoon for… no, not the Alps, but rather Umbria, where it will be raining, with all likeliness. Oh well, this trip had been planned some time ago, so no skiing yet this week-end. We hope temperatures won’t be so warm during next week as to melt off all the snow that will be falling, at least. Fucking global warming!




One response

11 12 2006
Agylen » Pictures from Umbria

[…] Just uploaded some pictures from our trip to Umbria to this Flickr photoset. I didn’t get many good shots, since weather was generally bad and lighting far from perfect. Luckily, my Aperture trial period hasn’t ended yet, so I was able to correct some of those to make them look a bit better. […]

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