Pictures from Umbria

11 12 2006

NarniJust uploaded some pictures from our trip to Umbria to this Flickr photoset. I didn’t get many good shots, since weather was generally bad and lighting far from perfect. Luckily, my Aperture trial period hasn’t ended yet, so I was able to correct some of those to make them look a bit better.

There’s just no comparison between Aperture and iPhoto when it comes to correcting luminance and colors: I was able to rescue some pictures with Aperture that I had given up any hope of fixing with iPhoto. If my camera were able to shoot RAW, there’s no doubt that I’d be buying Aperture as soon as the trial period ends.

I already mentioned that weather was mostly bad, but the countryside and the towns of Umbria are gorgeous even under the rain. Moreover, we were lavishly treated by our host, as far as food and drinks are concerned: on our first dinner, he presented us with a couple bottles of Sassicaia, one of the most renowned Italian wines. Now that I’ve tasted it, I must admit that it lives up to its fame.

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