Screenshots from The Venice Project

12 12 2006

The Venice Project just released a new beta version and this time they’ve released some screenshots as well, so if you couldn’t get invited as a beta tester yet, you can at least get a peek at how the UI is looking.

Mini EPG with hot edges Mini EPG with program info Program list info

Program list info Channel list My Venice


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19 12 2006
~ Numerabile ~ » Blog Archive » The Venice Project

[…] > Link per richiedere un accesso alla Beta. > Link ad alcuni Screenshots. […]

14 01 2007
The Venice Project at sil’s babbling

[…] The Venice Project is in beta testing with a Windows client, with the Linux and Mac clients in the works. Screenshots offering a glimpse to things to come are here. C’mon Linux client – I need to put my home theater PC to use! I’ve sent my email begging for my beta invite – it worked for Mugshot, here’s to hoping it works again! Bookmark to: Filed under Technology, Entertainment and TV.  | Tags: TV, venice project. var blogTool = “WordPress”; var blogURL = “”; var blogTitle = “sil’s babbling”; var postURL = “”; var postTitle = “The Venice Project”; var commentAuthorFieldName = “author”; var commentAuthorLoggedIn = false; var commentFormID = “commentform”; var commentTextFieldName = “comment”; var commentButtonName = “submit”; […]

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