iPhone lust

9 01 2007

iPhone.jpgToday His Steveness finally unveiled the long awaited iPhone and once more left the world gasping in awe and wondering how can a company be so consistently innovative and miles above and beyond the competition.

Excuse me if I let myself be totally swept away into Job’s Reality Distortion Field, but this iPhone is such a thing of beauty that is leaving me completely helpless. It’s not just that it’s probably the smart phone with the best user interface around (we still need to verify how good the multi-touch, but I don’t think Apple can blow it). It’s also not just that it’s a wide-screen video iPod too.

What really blows my socks off about it is the fact that it’s running OS X! Can you imagine it? Not some brain-damaged or crippled OS like Symbian or WinCE, but OS X. And it’s got Safari, of course. A real browser, not a joke like the Symbian browser or Opera Mini, and with that screen resolution, you can really browse almost any website. If you ever tried browsing the web with a typical smartphone, you know that most sites are actually off-limits. And it’s got Wi-Fi too!

Does the fact that it is running OS X mean that most Mac applications will run on it unchanged? This is not clear, but I see no reason why this shouldn’t be the case. What follows from this is that thousands of desktop-class applications will immediately be available on the iPhone. Can you say “great mobile platform”? I knew you could.

No wonder that shares of RIMM and PALM are plummeting through the floor today. Would you buy a Blackberry or a Treo if the iPhone were available today?

And would you buy a Zune? If there’s one thing that the iPhone is not is…brown ;).

To be honest, the only thing that the iPhone lacks is more memory. 8GB is not that much if you want to carry around lots of music, videos and a great deal of applications and associated data. Let’s just hope that by the time it actually becomes available, advances in Flash memory density bring us a 16GB model, at least.

Finally, I cannot close this post without a mention of the other product that was announced today. The Apple TV is a great product, but its importance risks being overshadowed by the much sexier iPhone. It would be much sexier if my friends at The Venice Project could port the Venice client to it ;).

Update: Looks like it won’t be as open a platform as I had hoped, which is a pity, and tends to cool my enthusiasm a little bit. It’s still probably the best iPod ever (minus the tiny memory size) and a cool gadget for mobile Web and email access, but not such a revolution. However, this is just the first version, so I guess it’s better to wait and see.

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One response

12 01 2007

It is an awesome thing to behold. I just wish one wasn’t limited to Cingular. I won’t be getting one for this reason. Arghhh! LOL!

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