How young-earth creationists can get a PhD from a secular university: by lying

12 02 2007

Marcus RossIt’s a well known fact that creationists are a bunch of liars and hypocrites, but nobody, until now, went so far as to be duplicitous to the point of writing a whole Ph.D. dissertation in geology, “working within a strictly scientific framework, a conventional scientific framework”, describing events that happened millions of years ago, while at the same time being a young earth creationist.

This guy basically has no intellectual honesty at all, and it’s no surprise that he’s now got a job teaching at Liberty University, that bastion of science that requires that is employees profess faith in “a young-earth creationist philosophy.”

It’s also no surprise that the IDiots at Uncommon Descent were quick to brag about the news:

How young-earth creationists can get a PhD from a secular university | Uncommon Descent: “Now that the NY Times has reported it, I may as well publicly extend my congratulation to Marcus Ross. He serves as a role model for how ID proponents and even young earth creationists can matriculate through Darwinist controlled institutions.”

Look, a creationist with academic credentials in a relevant subject! I guess that’s true, as long as you can overlook the fact that his credentials are based on a thesis that goes straight against the creationists’ beliefs.

But let’s forget about those lying sacks of shit and instead rejoice in celebration of Charles Darwin’s 158th Birthday!

(Via PZ Myers.)



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13 02 2007

It is interesting that the report notes: “yet demonstrated he could accept Old Earth Darwinism as a working but falsifiable hypothesis.”

Falsibility is, of course, a cornerstone of real science. It is also something completely lacking in Young Earth creationism (or, if you prefer, intelligent design). To bad he didn’t demostrate that as well.

17 03 2007
Dr Joe Michel

Mr. big liar, I think that you have no proof except a long tong, you hate creationists because of your sins and adultery 😉 and you know that in your hart, visit this site “” Mr. intelligent and destroy scientifically what they say if you can 🙂

24 03 2007

I wonder if that university would have read his thesis to know what he wrote about?

7 08 2008

well. they get their degrees by studying various aspects of the universe and coming to their conclusions about it. This is ok to study at secular university and still have your conclusions about what is being taught.
One vivid example is homosexual perversion. I spent lots of time listening to presumably existing ‘arguments’ in favor of ‘homosexual orientation’ at secular college, and I couldn’t find any legitimate arguments to convince me. So, I am still think that the perversion is still a perversion..

7 08 2008

you see, I could write a paper about flat earth, and don’t believe in it. as the matter of fact, in contemporary college classes instructors/professors teach various theories, among which those they do not hold. What can be better than writing a paper on a theory that our colleagues would take as ‘theirs’? This only suggest your throughout knowledge of the subject, not your AGREEMENT with it.

so to answer your question:

DUH!!! think again

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