20 03 2007

godtube.gifI don’t know what to make of GodTube. Looks like a serious site, but there are some videos there which are so stupid you can’t help but wonder whether it’s all a parody or not. Take poor Charley and his creationist babble: it takes a comic genius to reach such heights of idiocy. And what about that man and his banana as the atheist’s nightmare? Hilarious.

Admittedly, the PC vs. Mac spoof ads are well done and can make you smile a little, but would someone please explain what’s this distinction between a “Christian” and a “Christ follower”? I never heard of it before.

I also tried to have a look at IslamTube. Unfortunately the site is so slow that I wasn’t able to watch even a single video. Judging from the descriptions, they aren’t funny at all, rather quite grim. I can only imagine the level of idiocy is about the same as GodTube.




2 responses

20 03 2007
Gregor J. Rothfuss

Maybe we can redirect all the creationism crap that now ends up on youtube to this new destination? that would be sweet.

23 03 2007
David Cowan

A banana? AAAARRGH!!! Wait a minute, if Jesus created it for me, it would come in chocolate.

I appreciate your sense that this must be a parody. Evidently, you haven’t lived among the ultra-religious, as I have. Sadly, it is all too real.

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