Beating a Kiai Master About the Head and Neck With the Foot of Reality

29 03 2007

The Two Percent Company’s Rants: “So there’s a lesson to be learned here (a lesson that we’re sure Master Yanagiryuken didn’t learn, as he’s no doubt still busy deluding himself and reassuring his fans that his Kiai just had an ‘off day’). In simplistic Zen/Dao/fortune-cookie terms, this lesson might best be phrased as: ‘Bullshit tested is bullshit confirmed.’ Maybe — some day — more people will learn this lesson, and think more carefully about the absurd claims they’re willing to unequivocally offer. Or maybe they’ll just have to get their faces kicked in on a voluntary basis…and then hand over a $5000 bullshitting fine.”

You just have to admire the old fool. He put his wallet (and his face) where his mouth was. I wish all the other peddlers of bullshit would be similarly confident in their “powers”. That would be fun.

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4 responses

2 04 2007
Paulo L.

Hello, so the master got his body bashed… It seams like his self confidence is still steady . Maybe his body will resist maybe not. Its an interesting case of will power over body power. As long as he does not engage too many fights maybe his face will not show the evidence of the wining power 😛

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2 04 2007
Paulo L.

Sorry, mail is

16 05 2007

dear sir,
my name is Samuel ZHAI, i am from Shenyang city, liaoning province, China. do you mind helping me to get the access to joost by sending me an invitation, thanks. good luck.

16 05 2007

my email:, thanks.

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