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2 05 2007

On May 2, 2007, at 11:03 AM, grumpy66 grumpy66 wrote:

Would you mind sending me an invitation to join Joost please,

No, sorry but I won’t. I usually never reply to anonymous, unsolicited mails. I usually just drop them in the spam folder.

I replied to yours just because I get so many of them these days that yours was just the straw that broke the camel back.

Next time you ask something from someone you don’t know, try at least to be polite and introduce yourself first.

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2 05 2007

just saw your response to grumpy66. I understand your approach, but frankly when you get into joost and ask for an invitation they will ask you to proceed just as grumpy did. May be not to polite, but frankly e-mail doesn’t always help. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know in that I felt that your response was somewhat rude.



2 05 2007

Julian, I’m not sure you get the point.

I’m more than willing to give an invitation to anyone who asks by mail, as long as it is done politely.

Politeness, in my book, includes introducing yourself when you approach strangers. And this includes email messages.

2 05 2007
Michel Couillard


I’m a baseball fan from Montreal. Where did you get those funny baseball videos from Japan? Where are you from? After playing college ball, I spent several years coaching and developing the great game of baseball in… Europe! By the way, could you tell a bit more about this JOOST thing? What is it? How do we get in?


2 05 2007

Hi, my name is Bernardo and I’m a brazilian guy, could you help me? I just wanna a joost invite. Can you send me one ate


2 05 2007

What’s all this racket about people wantin’ to go Joustin’
in my day
back in my country
if you wanted to fight somebody
all you did is square up with him
face to face
bare nuckled
bare chested
and punch each other’s lights out
til one gives up
we didn’t need any
silly dressed horses or
long phallic symbols to poke one another with
just a leather glove to slap across the varmit’s face
a shot of whiskey
and like the youg’n’s say these days
“It was ON!”
I think all this retro activity
with these over stuffed pocket yuppies needs to stop
next thing ya know
everyone’s gonna want a stone
then where will they be
in a mono sylabic mind set speaking in grunts
and beating on logs?!
Wait a second
well that’s somethin’ completely different
uh, hmmm
boy this is awkward
I’ll guess I’ll do my research and uh…
well you folks carry on then
I’ll talk to ya later

3 05 2007

I have no idea how a BLOG works (may be I’a already to old – smile), but anyway I try to write here. I’am Swiss and live in Thailand. Here we don’t have to many international TV-programs and so it would be nice when I could watch TV by Internet. Is there somebody who can invite me with JOOST?
Thank you in advance. Ruedi

3 05 2007
Elgin Smith

I have been reading about Joost and I am amazed what the Internet has done to communication of all mediums.

When you have additional Joost invitations, I would appreciate receiving one.

Would you please advise me as to how it is best to share the invitations I receive with others? Is a blog the best way to share them?

Thanks – Enjoy your day.

3 05 2007

Hi! I’m Sven, just discovering that there is such a thing as Joost.

So please be so kind as to send me an invitation to it.


3 05 2007

Hello I have heard abaout joost in a tv program, and it amazed me so much, i still dont understant how it’s possible, but i really want a invite, please send it to my email,thank you

3 05 2007

Dear Ugo,
I’am writing you from Italy. I heard about Joost and the opportunity to follow TV programs in English. I do realise that this would be a great and funny opportunity to improve the language and be in touch with other cultures. I do trust you can help me in getting an invitation.
Thank a lot.

4 05 2007

Dear Ugo,
I’m writing to you from Singapore an island situated in south east asia.I read an article about ‘Joost’ in the local newspaper 3days ago and was fascinated with the ‘joost’ programmes.. Sadly i can’t log in as need an invitation from someone somewhwere… came across your blog and appreciate if i could get an invitation from you..hope to receive an email from you soon..

Roseli ( )


5 05 2007
billy bob turnpike

hey my name is billy bob
I’m a fly fisher flom tulsa oklahoma married to an iranian and we both live in vintanu on the island there
man, you sure can catch some fish here
i just wanted to stop on by becasue i heard you’n’s was a talkin’ bout joost
that’s what i just named my boat
and if you all’n’s want an invitation to my joost
well, you sure can have one
my wife just asks that you bring an offering
an i ask that ya just bring some bait!

anchors away

5 05 2007

hi there!

I’m interested in know & prove joost, so… Could you send me an invite to get joost please?

my E-mail is


6 05 2007

I’d appreciate an invite to JOOST. I heard so much about it; I’d like to experience for myself.

Name: Luis Kasamaruti


Country: Portugal

7 05 2007

Hey Ugo,

This is Bruce. I’m a new media designer/developer, artist and musician.

Just found out about Joost and am dying to check it out. If you have any invites left can you please send me one =) My email addy is


7 05 2007

Hi, My name is James. I’m a software developer who is interested in Joost. I hear that it uses P2P to deliver tv which seems like a good idea to me. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but this seems like a natural progression as far as the industry goes and there aren’t a lot of TV sites out there despite what you hear. Could you send me an invitation please?



7 05 2007

Hi Ugo,

I am sure you will be pretty bugged with people asking for JOOST invites. I ma very sorry if I am annoying you. You can just throw this mail in the bin if that helps.

But if you are not bugged and do not mind helping helpless people like us – it will be really helpful to get an invite to Joost.

Why I need one – Well, I live in London and the way TV works in UK is very sad. I cannot get cable and my building has some crap rule which means to get SKY I need to pay them more than what I will pay SKY. I might end up doing that in the end one day or may be move to some place better in London.

Anyways, if you think you can help me here by giving away one of your unlimited invitations, it will be very helpful.


8 05 2007


I got link to your blog from Joost website. I really like the concept of Joost and would like to test it out. I am a software engineer in US working on cutting-edge technologies.

I would appreciate if you send me an invite for same at kapil_jn at

Thanking in anticipation.


8 05 2007

Hi Im from South Africa and we have 4 crappy public TV channels with rubbish shows. Ide love to watch some descent TV especially if its SCIFI, which is seriously lacking in this country!
Many thanks,
Patrick 😉

9 05 2007
Gordon Alexander

Hu Ugo,
I’m a 65 year old x hip e from L.A. I also happen to be a TV fanatic! I read about Joost in Newsweek and have high hopes of getting a look.
Tish and I came to California in the mid 60’s to strike it rich in the music business. I recorded an album on Columbia Records but only about 50,000 people bought it. Far from the millions I had anticipated 🙂 Soooo I have now been a Real Estate Broker since 1980.
If you could send me an invite for access to Joost I guarantee you I will use it. Even though we have cable in our house it’s just not enough!! Thank You, Gordon

10 05 2007

greetings form Brazil!

the sun is great over here but my tv is so boring!
I work in the tourism industry and a make boat trips with many peploe who loves the see!as i do! can you please send me one invitation to join JOOST?
thanking you in advance!

10 05 2007
Simon Coe

Gooie more Ugo, hoe gaan dit?

Ek is oorspronklik van suid afrika, vandag ek woon in Riga,Latvia. Ek het lank laas afrikaans gepraat en ek kan n bietjie Duits/ Nederlands vestaan.

Ek het gehoor van Joost en dink dit is n wonderlikke ding. Ons het Latvia TV en dit is nie lekker nie.

Ek en my vrou dink Joost sal ook gooed wees vir onse kinders.

Kan jy asseblief gee ons n „invitation” vir Joost?

Baaie dank U , Simon Coe

10 05 2007

hi, my pleasure coming in here, my name is SamuelZhai i am from shenyang, China, i hope to get an invitation for getting in, thanks.

10 05 2007

Hi there.

Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada here.

I obviously would like a Joost invite. I have a question regarding Joost since I have not been able to try it out.

I recently tried out Akimbo (gag) and am wondering if anyone out there would be able to let me know how Joost compares to Akimbo, which I couldn’t tolerate any longer after 3 hours of waiting and watching tv shows that should have been left in the archives or even better, destroyed.

Will Joost always be free or just while in beta form?

11 05 2007
Susan Parr

My name is Susan. I live in sunny Orlando Florida. I spend most of my day surfing the internet. I spend most of my days visiting online communities and meeting new people. I have been dabbling a little bit in internet marketing. In the process I became a member of a few traffic exchanges. The webmaster of one of the exchanges just sent out an email looking for an invitation from Joost. And not only that she was offering 4000 credits to the person who sent her the invitation.
I personally never heard of Joost and was curious to see what it was. I really liked what I saw. I currently only have broadcast tv because I got frustrated with the increases on my cable bill every month.
Bottom line is I would love an invitation from Joost if you can spare one.
Susan Parr

11 05 2007
tony verbrugge

hello all, i am tony from belgium, i am married to a phillipina and we would like to have joost on our pc so mybe she can look phillipine tv, ccan some1 help us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ty ty ty in advance

12 05 2007
K.C. Pohtilla

I am fascinated by this as I saw the article in Newsweek Mag realized that the small bit of marketing and word of mouth that I could do or anyone after that unless they are completey web savy or blog (this is my first and probably like many just trying it because it ssounds so unique). I have so many quesstion and don’t know where to go..Do you answer these bolgs, does Joost . How does this work is it like a chat? Is Joost a demo or is it a beta.. I just want answers and to learn more about it.

12 05 2007
korlam gautam

i am from hyderabad 18 years old and am pursuing my college studies in engineering.i heard a lot of my friends talking about this joost thing. as we are on vacation i wanted to try something new.i visited the website and was truly amazed.i wished i could also get a joost account.thats when i searched the blogs.i really find this very i request you to kindly send me an invitation for a joost account if you please.i would be very grateful if u did.thank you!

12 05 2007

hi my name is jose and i’m from spain. i would love to get a joost invitation because i don’t know anybody who already has joost. f you could send me one i would very grateful. thanks in advance

13 05 2007

I am from the Netherlands and I am want to watch Joost. Could you help to send me a invitation. I hope to get an invitation for getting in, thanks.

14 05 2007
Luis Villalobos

Hello Ugo,

Using this kind method of communication i would like to tell you that i am a tv fan since i was a child and the tv was in black and white; i want to be one beta-tester to know the thing and to help with my comments to improve the system.

Thank you in advance
Luis Villalobos

15 05 2007
Martin Ramirez

Hello Ugo,

My name is Martin Ramirez I live in the US. I can only imagine how many Joost invite request you are receiving and I as well am asking for an invitation to Joost.

I heard about it this afternoon at work and have been all over the net learning about Joost. This is very exiting to me. I will continue to spread the word on Joost and I appreciate your time.

Thank you,
Martin Ramirez

18 05 2007
Jay Dhillon

Hi Hugo,

I do IT development and support and am a regular beta tester for new software although it is always business related. I don’t get much access to the household TV remote and as such have a yearning for types of TV programs that I do not get a chance to watch on TV. The internet is an ideal medium for this and will allow me to watch programs when I want to watch them and thus I have come across Joost.

I’m based in the UK and my household is a multi-platform, multi-browser family and I feel that in return for a Joost invite we could offer a lot back to Joost from a technical and user point of view.

I hope to hear from you soon.



20 05 2007

Hello, my name is Fatima.
I love watch TV in my Computer and I have bought a FullHD TV to enjoy de HD movies. I have discovered Joost and I think that’s fantastic!! I want to belong to Beta Joost. You’re already a member, really?
Can you sent me an invitation,please?

20 05 2007

It’s me another time,
I have surfing for your website I really love.
I’m a Computer Science Engineer that works how Java programer and I saw that you have a lot and actual information about thinks that I like.

4 06 2007
Tim Sealey


We are a new TV production company based in London, in the past at the BBC and other companies we made The Office and The I.T.Crowd amongst other programmes. We have just been told about Joost and are keen to look at what it is. Can someone please invite us to join as we’d like to be a part of this new TV experience.

Thank you

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