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14 05 2007

I’m posting this as a token of support to Rebekka, who writes:

I have a LOT on my mind right now.. to be honest, i’ve rarely been so royally pissed off as i am today.

The photos shown above all have one thing in common (besides being rather lovely landscape photos):

They were all taken , without my permission, by the London based print-selling company Only-Dreemin. This company prides itself on offering its customers only the best quality canvas prints of the finest photos , by top artists.

What they fail to mention is that some of the photos they’re selling prints of have been illegally obtained, and are being sold without the artists consent or knowledge.

In my case, a friend of mine came across their store on ebay and recognized one of my prints. (this was way back in january i think)

I looked into the matter and discovered 7 more of my photos being sold there. In the case of pictures 1, 2, 6 and 7, the image had been divided up into 3 vertical panels. ( Something i would never DREAM of doing myself. ) Furthermore, the images had been given new and exciting titles, like “Seraque II” and “Attica”, “Dawn expander II” and ” Joga” (barf)

I spent a good many days researching, going back thru their customer feedback, and was able to track back the sales of at LEAST 60 prints made from my images. These prints sold for a total sum of 2450 british pounds (around 4840 US$)

Read the rest on Flickr and draw your own conclusions about this issue, but personally I wouldn’t buy anything from Only-Dreemin until the issue is clarified, and I would let them and eBay know what I think about it.

In the meantime, I suggest that you browse around Rebekka’s pictures. They’re just beautiful. Maybe it’s time for Rebekka to start selling prints by herself and make some money rightfully. I reckon she could gain some extra income, which she could then use to sue the bastards ;).

Update: The photo page has now more than 14,000 views and it has been dugg 869 times, all of this in a little more than three hours. Many of the commenters wrote that they mailed the offending company, who are probably by now bitterly regretting their actions.




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15 05 2007

Tra l’altro è anche una gnocca clamorosa la Rebekka


16 05 2007
Agylen » Flickr = Censorship

[…] Just when the outrage over the theft of Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir’s photos by Only-Dreeming was beginning to calm down, Yahoo/Flickr finally reacted.You’d expect that they stand by their paying customer, who got her pictures stolen precisely because she decided to use Flickr to showcase her work, enriching the Flickr website in the process and ultimately benefiting Yahoo as a corporation. But no, instead they behaved just like you’d expect a soulless, gutless, dumb corporation to behave: they stood by another corporation, who probably had its lawyers send Flickr a nasty letter, and screwed the individual customer! […]

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