Twittering and Dopplring

7 06 2007

Twitterrific.pngOK, since Dave, Paolo and Gaspar insisted that I should really try Twitter, I just subscribed. Good, but now I don’t know what to do, since I haven’t made any friends on Twitter yet. If you want to get onto my friends’ list, my username is zaphgod.

I will briefly mention that I’m using Twitterrific, which—as the name implies— is a terrific Twitter client for OS X. And it’s free to boot.

I will also mention that today I’ve also joined Dopplr, after being invited by Andrew (by the way, congrats!). I guess I should start listing some of my next travels there, but to be honest I don’t have many travel plans for the near future.

Must be my Web 2.0, social networking, yadda yadda day.

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One response

8 06 2007
Andrew Savory: Ding! | Server software

[…] Hopefully this explains the congrats in Ugo’s blog post, too […]

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