35 Years

11 06 2007

Exactly 35 years have passed between this photograph:


And this one:


What links them, besides being both taken on a June 8, is that the photographer is the same: Huynh Cong Ut, better known as Nick Ut.

Does this say anything about the world we live in? I’m not sure

(Via The Online Photographer.)

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36 responses

11 06 2007
Transient Reporter

Whatever it says, it’s not good…

11 06 2007

it makes me sick to see Paris Hilton’s face contorted with the same dispair and anguish as those kids in the first photo. She does not know what disaster is.

11 06 2007

That face twisted all over 43 days in jail. She probably won’t even end up serving the entire sentence.

One thing I can say about Nick as a photographer, he has been all over and seen the bad (top photo) and the good (bottom).

11 06 2007

Michael, you make it sound like going to jail for any length of time is easy. For someone who’s spent a little time there, I can tell you that it’s the last place in the world you want to be. In my opinion, since they let others have a reduced sentence for the same offense, she should be allowed the same courtesy. I hate Paris Hilton, but she’s getting a tougher treatment because she’s a celebrity and the judge and DA are trying to demonize her. Yes, she f-d up, and she should do some time. But don’t think that any day in jail is a walk in the park. It’s hard, and since she’d already been there, she knew what she was going back to.

11 06 2007

It means Nick Ut is smart enough to stay out of war zones.

11 06 2007

I don’t hate Paris Hilton, I hate the “Paris Hilton Phenomenon,” which I hold her parents and especially her mother responsible for.

She was raised and trained to be what she is and she’s paying the price. Lock her parents up, I say.

12 06 2007

i really don’t understand why Nick would take such an impacting photo like the first one and then and take a photo like the second.

12 06 2007

No Brian… you’re missing the point completely. Sure, a day in jail is not a walk in the park.
But your comment: “.,..I can tell you that it’s the last place in the world you want to be.” shows the same total distortion of perspective, which is apparent in Paris Hiltons face.
But, just have a look at the pictures and tell me again: Is the last place on earth you (or Paris Hilton) want to be

1: an uncomfortable but relatively clean and secure jail cell


2: in the middle of a war zone, running naked away from the smoldering remains of your home and the burning bodies of your parents ?

And now to the real point of this blog entry: It is of no relevance whatever, whatever happens to Paris Hilton. Or any other dumb celeb shit.
These people are just willing decoys to take the attention off of matters of importance.
E.g. that there’s a war going on..

13 06 2007

“I can tell you that it’s the last place in the world you want to be.”

…except of course LA has “celebrity” jails where one can pay for separate cells from the general population.

“Is the last place on earth you (or Paris Hilton) want to be
1: an uncomfortable but relatively clean and secure jail cell or
2: in the middle of a war zone, running naked away from the smoldering remains of your home and the burning bodies of your parents ?”

Snark7, thanks for writing that!

13 06 2007
BoPL » Blog Archive » Depressing

[…] There’s a picture of Paris Hilton that’s become pretty common in the last few days, showing her in tears inside her car. It’s actually a pretty good shot, capturing the mood artistically I think, but the subject is not worth it. Go here to see that image, plus another from the same photographer. A pretty depressing look at where we are. […]

13 06 2007

If I remember correctly, the first pic was also film footage. The girl was suffering from burns she received in a napalm attack. I don’t know about you, but that would be the absolute last place I would want to be. I think jail would be paradise compared to that. Paris Hilton just needs to suck it up and do the time.

14 06 2007

I can’t help but feel sorry for Paris over all. She’s had everything just handed to her and somehow she has screwed it all up…that’s just sad to me for some reason.

14 06 2007

its showing that she has nothing to cry about. bourgeois bitch.

14 06 2007

i agree with snark7

seriously those kids in that picture are crying and running for their lives. not to mention naked.

while Paris is crying because she has to go and sit in a safe secure cell for a month or so. what is the worst that can happen to her?

she has no reason to cry like that.

14 06 2007

I think it’s pathetic that a crying celebrity doing time for drunk driving gets as much attention today as the horrors of war got 35 years ago.

14 06 2007

Well, I’m not a fan of Paris, not at all…but if she had experienced what those kids did, I don’t think she had been crying today…It’s all about what you, as an individual (whether you are rich or poor), have experienced.

14 06 2007

The memory of what Kim Phuc Phan Thi endured and what she does today is incredible! She is a peace activist and has forgiven and publicly pardoned the person who dropped the napalm on her village in Viet Nam.

Kim Phuc Phan Thi was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1994.

As a believer, she wants to be the bearer of the message of forgiveness, reconciliation, and tolerance, especially concerning the civil victims in war-stricken countries

Remember her name, Kim Phuc Phan Thi as it is very important.

I am sorry. I do not know who the blond woman in the other photo is. She looks very upset. Perhaps Kim Phuc Phan Thi can comfort her.

14 06 2007

I’m not sure that some get the point.
The two images are like night and day. On one hand, you have a Pulitzer Prize winning picture of innocent young victims of a horrible war. An image that showed the world the horrors and real victims of the Vietnam war. The only similarity here, besides the photographer and date, is the fact that we have our own Vietnam war going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and you wouldn’t know it.
Just goes to show what this country and media finds to be important and worth printing/reporting. The whole world is going to crap and all we get is round the clock coverage of celebs while American soldiers are coming home in pieces or in body bags, not to mention the civilians that are suffering a similar fate.
As for Mr. Hut, I’m sure that he is just trying to pay the bills and has shifted his focus/talents on what sells. Can’t blame the guy and I for one do not take anything away from his long and impressive body of work. Just because he is now running after a police cruiser along with a pack of paparazzi he is still the only one with Pulitzer in the pack and likely the only one that can truly call himself a photojournalist.
The only good thing here is the fact that a spoiled rich disconnected twit is getting what she rightly deserves.
Wow, look how far America has come in the last 35 years. Talk about a reality check.
Thanks for posting. I think that I’m going to go puke now, the whole thing just makes me sick.
Makes one proud to be an American, no?

14 06 2007
wayne burchwell

I hope someday we get past paris hilton

14 06 2007
You know it

I suppose another common link between the two photos is that they’re both a product of American society.

15 06 2007

It’s a matter of perspective. Paris has none.

15 06 2007

I think it goes to show that pain, fear and despair are relative to the individual. If any of you were taking a trip to the jail in which you would be incarcerated, I daresay that your face would be similarly contorted. One day in jail is enough to make anyone cry, and if you don’t then you are blissfully ignorant about what it’s like or too proud for your own good.

of course if i knew i was going to get 10 million dollars for my first interview in 43 days, i’d probably look pretty goddamn chirpy. But then, i’m a poor bastard so it’s as i said, pain is relative but just as potent no matter what the individual.

15 06 2007

That the photo guy likes to take pictures of skinny girls?

15 06 2007
The Bohemian Spirit

Wow it’s really interesting because the little girl’s face is contorted in dispair an pain and fear because her skin is burning becuase of the napalm…and paris,,,she just was drunken driving und then she got caught driving without license…and now she have to go to jail for a few days and thinks it is apropriate to make such a fuss…it makes me sick she knows nothing how the wold works…she is rich nothing mire and never had any really problems she is a kid in the body of a slut…and it’s sad to see that people like paris get everathing they want…like when she comes to a foreign country like austria (where i come from) and she goes skiing and wont have to wait in a line and don’t need to pay allthough she could afford it easily…thats starnge isn’t it?…what a strange world not beautyful world luis….

16 06 2007

You know, pain is pain, and that’s what these people were feeling. Sure, Paris Hilton has never missed a meal, never lost a home, etc. – but she still feels pain. Her pain, though based on things most people would find trivial, is just as real.

16 06 2007

If you want to see real pain and sorrow, look at the families of drunken-driving victims.

16 06 2007

Looks like two American Tragedies, The Viet Nam War and Paris Hilton being a spoiled rotten super rich BITCH that many American’s know way too much about because or news is now entertainment and doesn’t deal well with the real issues that face this country.

16 06 2007

I agree with the most of you.I personally believe that her parents built the foundations of her character and she developed it even more!I feel pity for her!Even though her bank account is huge enough she still can not have a brain surgery-replacement.It would be a curse if u ask me.Im from Greece and the media are doing the same here.In the century of nothingness the idiots preveal.

18 06 2007


18 06 2007

wow its amazing how much hate people can express towards a person. She’s a person for crying out loud! She’s not perfect, but neither are any of you. I dont really like her either and I am sick of hearing about her, but Im not calling her a ‘bitch’ or making fun of her. What she’s going through might not compare to what those in the first photo, but her emotion is just as real. Give her a break. Keep in mind that some person might think the same of you if you were in the same situation if that situation were compared to another, much worse one.

18 06 2007

Wow, when did everyone get so jaded? Do we really even need to compare these two pictures. They’re so unrelated I don’t think it even matters. I mean, I’m no big Paris fan either and she did fuck up pretty bad, but honestly she’s a real person and what she’s experiencing is real pain, she’s probably really afraid about going to prison, I know I would be. Instantly everyone jumps onto this because she’s led a very pampered lifestyle she shouldn’t be allowed to feel hurt or sad about anything. She’s a real person with real emotions and I think it’s pretty harsh of you to come down on her like that. She’s already paying for what she’s done, lay off. And as far as the people criticizing Nick Ut I’d say he was just trying to capture the sadness and fear Paris Hilton had in order to make people realize that even though she is a celebrity she’s a real person as well, with all the same emotions that any of us have.

20 06 2007
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21 06 2007

“Despair” and “anguish” are relative words. For most people, “the most horrible thing” is based on what you’ve experienced before. Side by side, Paris and the little girl’s situations have very little in common. But the reality is, that this is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to Paris. So, in terms of relativity, her face is appropriate.

Until this point the only time she’s ever made that face was when Daddy didnt pay for a fun new toy. Now, at least, she has an experience to gauge the rest of her life against.

Whore-baggish bitch.

25 06 2007
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27 06 2007
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[…] Paris Hilton 27 06 2007 I have no opinion of Paris Hilton. I do not watch her television show and do not follow any news articles on her. I do not know her personally. I do read Scott Adams’ Dilbert blog and Science Blogs and have noticed an enormous amount of elitism, intolerance and judgments against her. I do agree with Scott on how no one could withstand such scrutiny and come out flawless and that we all make mistakes that we wish we could go back and correct. I most definitely speak from personal experience. While reviewing a post at Pharyngula on the 35-year anniversary of Nick Ut’s photo of the Vietnam girl running from her village naked with napalm burns, Nick did take another photo of Paris Hilton being led away in the back of a police cruiser with this tremendous look of anguish on her face. My thoughts were mixed on the comments especially on her history as reported via people that openly despised her and her actions. […]

28 07 2007
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