LazyWeb: Using client certs with NetNewsWire

26 06 2007

netNewsWireIcon.jpgI’m a fully satisfied user of NetNewsWire (the full, not-lite version), but there is one thing that this fine piece of software cannot do, apparently. I want to subscribe to some feeds that are served by an HTTP server which requires authentication and only accepts client certificates as a means of authentication. So I can subscribe to the feeds using Firefox LiveBookmarks, since I have imported my client identity certificate in Firefox, but I’d really prefer to be able to read those feeds in NNW. Alas, NetNewsWire doesn’t seem to offer any option to import a client certificate, like Firefox does.

A search on Google and on Newsgator’s website did not turn up anything useful, so I’m resorting to the lazy web, in the hope that some kind soul had the same problem and solved it.

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2 responses

26 06 2007
Sylvain Wallez

Have you tried importing your certificate in Keychain?

26 06 2007
Jonathon McDougall (NewsGator Support)

This is a problem we come across quite often – Unfortunately webkit doesn’t offer us an API that will allow us to work with self-signed certificates.

However, we have a work-around that you can find in this KB article.

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